The Skin Benefits Of Going Bare-Faced

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The Skin Benefits Of Going Bare-Faced


Many of us apply makeup regularly, sometimes on a daily basis, without ever giving our skin a break (except at nights). But there are quite a few benefits to going makeup-free for a day or two now and again. The truth is your skin needs a break from time to time, and there’s no better way to give it than to forgo your makeup regimen. It can be difficult, of course, especially if you’re used to being made up on a daily basis – but you might find it’s a lot less painful than you originally thought. Not convinced? Check out some of our excellent reasons for going bare-faced and you might just change your mind! 

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1. Let your skin breathe!

Makeup often sits heavily on top of your skin, especially if you layer on foundation, concealer, and powder. When you add blush, highlighter or bronzer, it only gets even heavier. There’s nothing wrong with a full-glam look, but foregoing this at least once a week or a few times a month will let your skin breathe and rest. Additional oxygen to the skin also allows for the repair and regeneration of elastin and collagen, two components that are responsible for giving skin that youthful look and plumpness.

2. Enjoy fewer breakouts

Makeup, no matter how refined, expensive or luxurious, can sometimes contribute to clogged pores. Research has shown that makeup can, in fact, aggravate skin, leading to breakouts. Going without makeup every once in a while for a couple of days can greatly reduce the number of pimples you get, especially if you are prone to them. In addition to less inflamed breakouts, you can also have cleaner pores that are not in danger of turning into blackheads.

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3. Soak up the goodness 

Clean, makeup-free skin is better able to absorb all the healing products you put on. When you apply moisturizer or some type of facial serum and then follow that up with the application of makeup, you can prevent the active ingredients, like vitamins and antioxidants, in these products from properly doing their job. So, for example, you end up getting less of a moisturizing effect from your moisturizer. Serums and toners also become far less impactful. Going bare-faced occasionally will allow the other products you use to work to their highest potential.

4. Look younger

For many people over 25, makeup can actually make them look older, because both cream and powder makeup have the tendency to seep into fine lines and wrinkles (especially around the delicate eye area), making them more pronounced and defined. Occasionally presenting your makeup-free face to the world will actually make you look more youthful and fresh. 

5. Have some time to yourself

It’s no secret that it takes quite a while to put on makeup. Applying a full face of cosmetics can take some people an hour or even more. If you wear makeup every day, that can translate to a lot of time lost to just putting it on. Going bare-faced for a day or two can give you a bit of a break from putting so much time and energy into makeup application. You can use that time to do other things, like put in a workout, enjoy a good breakfast and a cup of coffee in the mornings or simply sleep in a little later. You’ll save even more time at nights when you don’t have to go through the nightly makeup removal ritual.

6. Save money

If you lighten your makeup load, you will end up saving a lot in the long run. Makeup can be very costly, and we could all use some extra money every now and then. Going bare-faced for a day or two every once in a while will make you use less makeup and that can add up to a lot of savings.